All about Amarnath Yatra 2021
All about

Amarnath Yatra 2021

Amaranth yatra being the most famous pilgrimage in the whole country that took place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Amaranth temple cave is situated in the pahalgam village of the state. The shrine is located at an elevation of 3,888 meters above sea level. Thousands of people apply for the registration to visit for darshan, but all of them don’t get registered, for there are so many things that the authorities need to check.
There is a history behind the Amaranth Cave. It is said that Lord Shiva was narrating the Amar-Katha to the Goddess Parvati in this cave because he wanted it to keep it a secret so he left all his companions and his bull Nandi behind, in the village of Pahalgam. When he completed the story, he realized that she had fallen asleep but a parrot was listening to his story. The Lord became enraged with this and throw his Trishul to kill the parrot but the parrot entered the womb of the goddess and soon a baby was born and later became a sage.
The Hindus came here with a great belief and creed. But there are some restrictions regarding traveling and all. Because the people who come here for the yatra had a long way to reach up to the cave. For the

Amarnath Yatra 2021

there will be two routes to reach up to the cave.
Two routes take you up to the cave. The first one is from the valley of baltal that is only 14 km away from the temple. Most of the young and fit people and who are somehow adventure lovers took this route as this route is full of the hill-tops and roads full of ups and downs. However this a short-cut to reach but this road is mostly opted for by the travel junkies who love to trek. This route took 1-2 days to reach up to the cave.
The second route is from the main Pahalgam, hence also known as pahalgam yatra. This route takes almost 5-6 days to reach the upper peak of the cave. The valley of Chandanwari is used as the base camp. Starting from the valley of Chandanwari the pilgrims make their way to Pissu top that is 3 km away from chandanwari, and is the first stop. 9 km away from the village of Chandanwari there is another stop known as Sheshnag, followed by Panjtarni, and then finally to the cave of Amaranth. Most of the people make their

yatra via pahalgam

, as it is the easiest route for all the age groups.
Helicopter services are also available for the pilgrims who cannot walk or have some problems regarding trekking.
People from 13 years to 75 can apply for the registration. Women who are pregnant over 6 months are not advised to go for the yatra. Most of the pilgrims prefer
amarnath yatra via trekking
Pilgrims who are planning to go for yatra must have a check out on all the necessary procedures like registration, health certificates, and helicopter services for Amarnath Yatra 2021.
  1. You need to register yourself through the Shri Amaranth Board Shrine from any of the registered branches.
  2. A health certificate from a certified doctor or a health department is also required to get submitted in the SABS.
  3. Other important documents like ID-cards, passports, ATM cards, voter id-cards, and driving licenses are needed to get carried throughout the journey.
  4. If you want to reach the top through the helicopter, it also needs to get pre-booked and health documents are also needed for this.
Shri Amarnath Yatra Trust provides the pilgrims all the possible facilities like tents, food, telecommunication, firewood, power supply, etc. They took care of all the pilgrims if someone on the way to the cave fell ill due to the hectic trekking.
The climate remains moderate during the time of the yatra. It mostly takes place in the month of June and remains up to August or September.
This year, that means the Amarnath Yatra 2021 the first slot of the pilgrims will start their journey from the 28/06/2021, and application forms will be available from the month of April for

amarnath yatra registration

. It will end on 22/08/2021, which means this year, 56 days of yatra will be held at Amarnath. Duke Kashmir Travels will provide you the best
packages for amarnath yatra 2021
darshan yatra.
The pilgrims that spend their days while trekking to reach up to the Amaranth temple cave, spend the most beautiful time of their lives here. Every day a lot of pilgrims can be seen pitching tents. Pilgrims look like sages in the cultural dresses. The pitching of tents gives the heavenly feel and the cool breeze that blows through the snow-clad mountain ranges refreshes the pilgrims and takes all the tiredness away.