Visiting Shahr i Khaas
A visit to the lanes of the Old-City
Talking about the Shahr-e-Khaas in Srinagar, also known as the Old City of Srinagar. Being a local of this city, I guess explaining some of the things would be easy. But before writing this blog I decided to visit this place once more so that I could catch every single detail.
In the morning, I got ready super fast as I was already running late. After reaching the Fateh Kadal by walk, after taking some more steps my eyes got the view of the beautiful and elegant Khankha-i-Moula, an ancient shrine that was dedicated to a holy soul named Sheikh Abdul Qadir Geelani. The shrine is popularly known as


While entering the shrine you need to cover your head. The lawn of the shrine is tiled with the big furnished stones where people offer namaz on special occasions. Inside the shrine, it has another world of Sufism. The mind literally got shook after seeing the work of the craftsmen. The whole shrine is decorated so beautifully with all the elegant arts of Kashmir including Paper-Mache, Khatambandh, Kashmiri woodwork, Kashmiri Qaleen, and much more.
After I stepped out of the shrine I walked a little distance and reached the area of Zaina Kadal. The market of the Zaina Kadal is famous for dry fruits, copper items, threads for shawls, clothes, and many more. Zaina Kadal has most of the narrow lanes but these walking through these lanes gives you a different feel.
Different shops are standing in one row. From the colorful threads for the shawl making to the shops of copper items, everything is present here. The shopkeepers of this place are so welcoming and warm with all their customers. This place is perfect for vlogging but I suggest you, ask for their permission first. Once you become successful in breaking the ice between you two, they will shower all the love and offer everything to their best. Dried vegetables and fruits are another attraction of this place.
There is one special thing about walking through these lanes that you could feel the essence of the ancient times here. Besides being the oldest lanes of the city, still, it manages to provide the feel of amazement. The lanes of the


provide evidences of the ancient architecture of Kashmir.
After I left Zaina Kadal, I reached Aali Kadal. Aali Kadal is famous for the Kashmiri Harissa. But it is available only in the morning during the winters. I wanted to taste the Harrisa but I reached late to this place and the shopkeepers already run out of Harissa. This made me feel of a great loss. However, making my way through the streets of


I reached Nowhatta.
Nowhatta is known to be the heart of the old Shahr-i-Khaas. The prime attraction of this place is the
Jamia Masjid
, which is the oldest but elegant and giant mosque of the valley. This mosque has two entries. There are four portions or prayer halls which are very cool. Standing on the large logs of the chinar trees, the giant prayer halls are standing still. There are a total of 370 pillars that are all made of chinar logs.
In the middle of the mosque, there is an ablution pool, where people make wuzu. In the middle of the pool, there is also a fountain which adds more elegance to the mosque. It has a very well-maintained garden around the pool. There were so many people in the mosque. Some were offering namaz, some were relaxing in the garden, and some were busy with the photography, as this place provides picture-perfect views. People usually come here in search of peace, for this place is very peaceful inside out.
Coming out from the Jamia, I took a left turn and reached Khaniyar, where the famous

shrine of Dastageer Sahib

is located. This shrine is although situated in the main market of Khaniyar. But the elegance in the style for which the valley is famous all over the world can be found here without any doubt.
The shrine on the inside gives the feel of the pure blend of Irani and Kashmiri architecture. Every nook and corner of the shrine is decorated with the elegant art of Kashmir. The market outside the shrine is filled with different items that are sold here every day. All the shrines that are present in Shahr-i-Khaas are considered as the
historical places of Srinagar
After coming out of this shrine, I checked the time and it was already evening, so I decided to end my Shahr-i-Khaas tour here and I crossed the road and buy some snacks, for I was dead tired and hungry as well. I took the bus from the Khaniyar to reach home. While coming back, my eyes were still looking for some more relaxing things so I closed my eyes and walked again through those narrow lanes of the old city. The feel I got after imagining the old city in my mind is so relaxing. I enjoyed it a lot with the people whom I met during the day. Although my eyes were so heavy and I was too tired but the old city tour was worth it.