Magical moments in Kashmir
Visiting Kashmir is on the bucket list of thousands of people all across the globe for its mesmerizing beauty and amazing picturesque. There are so many places in Kashmir that everyone wants to explore and people usually prefer the main tourist spots of the valley to choose for their itinerary.Magical moments in Kashmir
Besides the main tourist spots of Kashmir, there are other places as well that are underrated for their beauty and are hidden from the main cities and villages. You can experience the best

Magical moments in Kashmir

, that includes the famous Shikaara ride around Dal Lake, roaming in the gardens of Nishat, Playing with the fountains of the Shalimar garden, Staying overnight in the houseboat, hiking around the Gulmarg hilltops,

river rafting in the Lidder river

, sunsets at Pari mahal, enjoying Kehwa at Chashmashahi,

morning strolls around Dal lake

skiing at Gulmarg
, and much more.
While landing in the valley, the best thing you will experience is the fresh air. The breeze that blows even in the city is so refreshing for an outsider. The famous dal lake is blessed with so many good things that would give you a heavenly feeling. The first thing that you will love about the lake is the alluring surrounding of the mountains and the houseboats that add artificiality to the lake. The shikaara ride around Dal Lake is so heartwarming but I will suggest you do it in the evening time when the sun is about to set. The colors of the sun at that time mix with the smooth waters of the lake which gives it the look of the Golden waters. Everything looks calm and serene at that time. I consider it as one of the

Magical moments in Kashmir

Hiking is favorite to many visitors, as they come to Kashmir for a couple of days and try to explore the raw side of nature. Hiking around the hilltops of the valley is a real thrill. There are so many places where you can go trekking and camping. While hiking from the base camp to the upper reach of the destination, you need to cross hundreds of hurdles, but once you reach your destination, the view of that place would be worthy of all the hurdles. Sometimes you will get to see the view of the mountains, that would be surrounding you with a lake nearby. Sometimes you will experience the highness of the valley, from where you can get to see the whole area from the top. The view that you would get to see after crossing all the difficult passes would drive you into so much joy, which is one of the Magical moments in Kashmir.
If you are an early riser, make sure you take an early stroll around Dal Lake and take the fresh air in. There are so many small parks where you can go in the morning. The moment when your feet touch the wet grass is literally a heavenly feeling. It could be the Magical moments in Kashmir for those who love the beauty of nature. The fresh air and the greenery that surrounds these places are really heart-touching and could be the best experience.
Gulmarg is considered one of the highest ski-resorts across the globe. People from all across the world come here in winter to experience the joy of skiing. Heli-skiing is also done in Gulmarg. Adventure junkies can consider it the Magical moment in Kashmir. The highest altitude peak from where the skiing is started is Apharwat, which is accessible by a Gondola ride. Skiing is the sport of real adventurers.
Kashmir is also known as the valley of saints, as it has a great history of all the saints who have visited this place. So their devotees made various shrines at various places. So, if you are planning a
Kashmir trip
, make sure you include, visit the old shrines on your list. The serene environment of the shrines brings another type of peace to your heart. Believe me, these will be the Magical moments in Kashmir trip if you truly adore the peaceful places.
Kashmir is a feeling that you would only feel on visiting here. There could be much more to enjoy, to explore, and to adore. Thousands of things add beauty to this mesmerizing valley, that would make you fall in love with this place also.
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Magical moments in Kashmir
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