Summer holidays in Kashmir
 Spend your summer holiday in Kashmir
Kashmir has always been so welcoming and warm for visitors. The hospitality of the valley is famous all over the world. Right from the early morning walks on the footpaths of Dal lake to the night stays at Pahalgam, everything in Kashmir is so exotic. 

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Summer holidays in Kashmir

This summer, plan your holiday for Kashmir. Duke Kashmir Travels is the most professional travel agency in the whole valley, which plans your trip to Kashmir according to your plan and budget.
There are innumerable places in the valley where one must visit. Other than the famous Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Srinagar city, there are hundreds of places that are worth visiting and experiencing in the valley. Kashmir valley is full of joy and thrill, perfect for the peace seekers and the same for the adventurers.
The soothing waters of the beautiful rivers and the snowy peaks of the mountains of the valley drive the travelers to the sunken beauty of nature.
The whole world got hit by the pandemic and the mental peace got destroyed, but I think the best way to get the mental peace back is to travel. And when it comes to travel, Kashmir can be the best place to visit. Kashmir valley brings eternal peace to tired souls.
Visitors usually visit the popular

tourist places of Kashmir

that make other places of the valley underrated. If you really want to explore the wild and the raw side of the valley, I will personally suggest going for the itinerary of 10 days where you will experience the soft side of nature and the raw and the wild part of the valley by going trekking to the most beautiful trekking points of the valley. Camping is another option for travel junkies.
For those people who want to chill out in a serene environment, the Mughal gardens of Srinagar, the meadow of flowers, and the valley of shepherds are just perfect for them, where they can sip the hot kehwa enjoying the cool breeze while lying back on the green and cool grasses of the beautiful meadows of the valley.
Kashmir is always welcoming to the visitors and always had more and more for its lovers. One cannot get bored of this heaven’s beauty. No specific season is perfect for exploring the beauty of this alluring valley. It provides the different shades of nature when there is everything covered by the white layers of snow and the dipping temperature of Kashmir valley makes your trip more memorable when you sip the hot tea on your way to the tourist spots.
The welcoming tulips in April leave everyone amazed by sharing the true colors of nature. The Tulip garden at Srinagar is considered the largest tulip garden in Asia.
The summer season and hence

Summer holidays in Kashmir

have obviously its own charm when everything comes back to the new life. Most of the people like to visit Kashmir in summer, for the pleasant environment. Spending your Summer holidays in Kashmir can be the best treat that you can give to yourself. The cool air can soothe your mind and your tired body.
What does a messed mind can ask for when in disguise??
Nature can be the best therapy, and when we talk about nature, Kashmir always knocks on the mind. The soft waters of the Dal lake through which you run your fingers during the shikaara ride are so therapeutic.
There are some activities that you can never miss if you visit Kashmir that includes the famous
Shikaara ride at Dal Lake
in the evening time, Drinking the pure and cool spring water of Chashma Shahi,
Skiing at Gulmarg
, night stay at Pahalgam, tasting Wazwan, photography, early, morning walks around Dal lake, evening strolls and many more.
Don’t get bored at home, just pack your bags and come enjoy the true colors of nature and dont for to book you Summer holidays in Kashmir from Duke Kashmir Travels