Suru Valley

Suru Valley

Suru Valley

is located in the Kargil district of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the important

tourist destinations in Ladakh

. It is the only valley in Ladakh having dense vegetation. The valley is having beautiful green meadows, charming landscapes, and spectacular views. Suru river flows through this valley.
Suru Valley lies across the Pensi La of the Kargil district. It is spread over an area of 85 kilometers. It is a famous tourist destination in the valley, mainly for its amazing beauty and alluring views. Suru Valley is dotted with beautiful roses and green plantations.
There are also few attractions in the valley that includes Sankoo, which is a famous Greenland pasture land. Day-Picnics can also be enjoyed at several places like Parkachik, Damsna, Thulus & Stakpa. To gain internal peace, visitors visit here to enjoy the beauty of this place. The surroundings of the Suru Valley are so beautiful and alluring that it makes sure to take one’s heart away.
The best time to visit here is from June to September, as the climate remains moderate during this time. During winters this area receives heavy snowfall, so most of the time the roads remain closed.
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, make sure you visit this place to witness the beauty of this place, which is the only green vegetated part of the Ladakh.
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How to reach:-
From the Leh airport, it will take you almost 7 hours by road, which is a distance of 305 kilometers.
If traveling from Srinagar, this route will take you almost 8 hours by road that is a distance of 291 kilometers.

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