Lang Tso and Stat Tso Lake

Lang Tso and Stat Tso Lake

Lang Tso and Stat Tso Lake


twin lakes of Ladakh

that are situated at the corner of the Pensi La pass. It connects the two famous valleys, the Zanskar and the Zuru Valley. Lang Tso and Stat Tso Lake famous for their beautiful picturesque and alluring surroundings.
Land Tso and Stat Tso Lake are located at an elevation of 5000 meters above sea level. The lakes are surrounded by the beautiful snow-capped mountains of the Zanskar that enchants the beauty of the Lang Tso and Stat Tso Lake.
Lang Tso and Stat Tso lake are considered as one of the beautiful lakes in Ladakh. This place does not receive many visitors, for the permit issues and the rate is very tough. You can enjoy the full day here by sweeping the natural beauty inside, clicking the pictures, and enjoy the natural and clean water of the lake.
Some people also pitch camp tents here in order to spend the night here. The best time to visit here is from April to September, as the climate remains moderate during this time. The roads remain blocked during winters, as this area receives huge snowfall.
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How to reach:-
From the Leh airport, you have to cover a distance of 369 kilometers.
If traveling from Srinagar, this route will take you 11 hours to reach, which is almost a distance of 447 kilometers.

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