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Yarab Tso Lake

Yarab Tso Lake

Yarab Tso Lake

Yarab Tso Lake

that is also known as the “hidden lake” is situated 15 km from the Diksit area of the Simur village of Nubra valley. The lake is known as a hidden lake because it is still untouched by world pollution.
This lake is one of the high-altitude lakes that is situated in this valley. Although to reach the lake, you need to hike for around 20 minutes, from the Panamik Village then only you will reach the place where this beautiful and alluring lake is present.
The lake is surrounded by the heart throbbing views of the Nubra valley. The lake is famous for the serene views and mystical aura. The lake has crystal and clear water which reflects the whole surrounding.
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, then this place must be on your list. And you will need an Inner Line Permit if you are a domestic visitor. If you are visiting from an abroad country, you will need a Protected Area Permit to visit here.
The best time to visit here is from June to September. The climate remains moderate during summers. Visitors cannot reach here during winter, as the roads remain blocked due to the heavy snowfall.
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How to reach:-
From the Leh airport, it will take you almost 7-10 minutes to reach here by cab.
If traveling from Srinagar, this route will take you almost 9 hours and 40 minutes by road.
Leh is accessible from Delhi airport as well.

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