Dreaming Kashmir with a Busy schedule
Kashmir vacation
Kashmir is an all-season destination; Kashmir is known for its majestic feel every season; if you are planning a romantic holiday or an adventurous tour with your friends, Kashmir is the place for all. You can book your

Kashmir vacation

s per your schedule and availability.
From astonishing landscapes to dancing rivers, from addictive breeze to bright warm sunlight, Kashmir will amaze you every day.
The moment you land in Kashmir, you will feel a sense of peace and ease, and that moment when you let your fingers glide through the waters of Dal Lake is going to be one of the memorable moments of your life. I recommend you go for a
shikara ride
in the evening and experience the sunset in the world-famous Dal Lake.
Srinagar will offer you a variety of places you should pay a visit;

Mughal Gardens

, Shankar acharya temple, Dal Lake, old city are the ones you should not miss at all, and yes, a walk on the banks of dal lake along with your partner is going to be exciting; an overnight stay at the

houseboat in dal lake

will make it super exciting. So make sure your

Kashmir vacation

plan has at least a one-night houseboat stay at famous dal lake.
When your body wakes up naturally with the first sunlight, you will witness the magic. The morning at dal lake is simply breathtaking. The singing birds, the addictive breeze, sound of water from the mallets of Shikara will be like a trailer of the experience you will endure for the next few days of your Kashmir vacation.
I love all
seasons of Kashmir
and that you can see and feel how it offers completely different experiences, and it makes you feel new and different every season. Whenever I experience snowfall in winters, it's like I experienced it the first time, and the noise of dancing streams in summers is always compelling me to stay around them. The rustling sound of golden petals from the famous Chinar trees breaking the silence gives you peace and a smile on your face from deep inside.
Are you dreaming about Kashmir, and a busy calendar is straining at you?
  • It's ok if you are busy.
  • It's ok if you have heaps of work to do.
  • It's ok to let things slow down.
A flower would never force itself to bloom in the cold winter, so why would we?
But it's time to promise ourselves that when even we will get the slightest of the chance to bag 5-6 days for ourselves. We will visit Kashmir along with your loved ones. And yes, it's you who is going to complete this blog and tell us more about your experiences in other places of Kashmir, like Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonmarg and all
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