Famous cuisines of Kashmir
Feeling Kashmir via Cuisines
Kashmir is famous all over the world for its enthralling beauty but there are many more things that makes Kashmir more famous. The handicrafts, the

Cuisines of Kashmir

, and the tourist destinations. The staple food of Kashmir is rice. But besides that Kashmir is famous for its cuisines all over the world. The

Cuisines of Kashmir

are served at the international level to represent the diversity of this place.
Cuisines of Kashmir


is amoung most popular Cuisines of Kashmir
Wazwan is the main cuisine of Kashmir, which contains 7 main dishes, however, people always try to add more and more to this. The whole cuisine is based on mutton, lamb, and chicken. People consider it an art and pride in Kashmiri culture. The Wazwan is usually served at Kashmiri weddings on a traditional Trami (a large plate made of copper), filled with rice, then the main items of Wazwan are placed on the rice, like Myeth-I-Maaz, Tabakmaaz, Kabaab, Kokur, and Dani-pholl.
After 4 persons receive one Trami, the Waza (server of Wazwan) follow to serve other dishes, one after the other. The other dishes include Rista, Czhaman, Oam-dod Yakhin, Aab gosh, Lahbi Kabab, Rogan-josh, Mushrooms, and Goshtaba. Overall the Wazwan is worth praising. Experiencing Wazwan once in a lifetime should be on the bucket list of every foodie. Wazwan is the prime cuisines among the

Kashmiri non-veg food

. If you are a non-vegetarian, you must try this, for this is a heavenly feeling for any non-veg person.
Kashmiri Muji Gaad
Gaad-Batti is one of the famous Cuisines of Kashmir. It is a unique combination of fine Fish, Lotus stem (Nadur), Radish, and Collard greens (Haakh), with a hot and spicy blend of Kashmiri spices and herbs. It is usually served in winters. This dish is also consumed with cooked Kashmir rice. This is known to be one of the elegant and among the
popular dishes of Kashmir
. If you are fond of spicy food, you should not miss Mujji-Gaad at any cost.
This is the most favorite snack of locals here in Kashmir. This is for the lovers of lotus-stems (Nadur), people who love Nadur with the whole heart. These are dipped in a paste of gram-flour blended with spices and then deep-fried and are served with different chutneys. You can find this snack on every local street of Kashmir. Besides the lotus-stems that are dipped in gram flour paste various varieties are present on the trays of the stall. It includes Onion- Pakodas, Potato fries, dried- peas that are also dipped in the same paste and then fried in the hot oil. People like to taste it with different types of chutneys that add more taste to this famous street food.
Modur Pulaav
This dish is not made as a simple Pulaav. It is made of long grain basmati rice with the goodness of milk, ghee, sauteed spices, sugar, and a pinch of saffron in it. Then the rice is garnished with a lot of dry fruits to add more and taste and flavor. It is one of the favorite dishes of the locals here and the outsiders like it as well. It is usually served to the guests and adds royalty to the whole invitation.
Zafraani Kehwa
Zafraani Kehwa or saffron Kehwa is the main attraction of the visitors. Locals sip this beverage on daily basis. This heavenly drink is made of water with some sugar granules, cinnamon, and cardamom in it but the prime ingredient is the saffron. It is served with famous Kashmiri Bakirkhanis or Shirmaal. Some people like to take it with cookies or cakes as well. Kehwa is the main attraction and most popular among the tourists among all the
beverages of Kashmir
Shahi Firni
This is a famous Kashmiri dessert which is made of Sooji or Rawa. Sooji is first sauteed in a hot pan and then milk is added slowly and gradually and the mixture is meant to be whisked well until it becomes thick. To add taste to this mixture sugar is added. The Firni is garnished with a lot of dry fruits. And is served in bowls. One can have it hot or wait till it is cold. In both cases, the Firni tastes amazing.
Noon chai
It is a traditional preparation of tea-leaves with some milk and salt in it. The word “noon” in Kashmir means Salt, over-all can be described as salt-tea, or popularly known as Pink-tea. The tea leaves are steeped for an hour in water and a pinch of baking soda is added to this. After that, milk is added to it and is kept for steeping again and finally ready for serving now with the hot and fresh Kashmiri czhot (bread), with some bread over it. This is usually served in the morning and evening.
Cuisines of Kashmir are so famous all over the world, as it is served with so many delicacies and great hospitality. The food of Kashmir gives a feel, it is not just food, it makes people feel like home, who Eat with Love.