Four Season of Kashmir
Kashmir has got the beauty, that no other place can have all across the globe. The valley that is situated in the lap of Himalayas has got the most beautiful destinations all over the valley. Each and every place is worth visiting and exploring. People usually got confuse, that which month is best to visit. As every place in the world, it has got 4 seasons. Kashmir the place for all seasons, is worth visiting during every season, for every season will offer different picturesque of the valley. Some visitors are that fascinated with this place that they want to witness all the

Four Seasons of Kashmir

The season of Spring is one of the

Four Seasons of Kashmir

. The season starts in March and remains till up to the ending April. The climate remains moderate throughout the day with a temperature of 15-18 degrees Celsius during the day and 0-5 Celsius at night. The season of spring brings new life to every single creature, for the snow melts completely, the sun starts to shine brightly, the duration of the day extends and everything looks better in the new sunshine. The beauty of spring in Kashmir is above expectations. The charming trees of almonds start to flourish its beautiful petals. The Tulip Festival is another attraction in spring. The tulips start to blossom in the mid-march up to ending April, during that time hundreds of visitors came here and enjoy their selves at their best. This season is best to enjoy the paragliding, Shikaara ride, photoshoots, and pony-rides as well.
The season of summer starts in May and lasts up to August. This season starts soon after the

Spring Season

and is the second season of the year. Among the Four Seasons of Kashmir, most of the visitors love to visit in this season. The daily temperature remains between 20-30 degrees Celsius during the daytime and 15-20 degrees Celsius during the night. In this season the temperature rises by 5-10 degrees as compared to spring. The perfect season for visitors who love to explore with their whole heart, for every place is worth visiting during summers. You can visit Mughal Gardens, Lakes, hilltops, the best tourist spots, and many more places. The whole valley looks so beautiful during summers as it is enveloped with the snow-clad huge mountains, the hills expose the green and tall trees with the new and fresh leaves. The meadows look so beautiful with the green velvet grass topped with wildflowers. The freshwater bodies including lakes, gushing rivers, and beautiful brooks add more beauty to each place. Most activities can be done In the summer season like river rafting, trekking, picnics, camping, skiing, and pony-rides. People who visit here as tourists or travelers, certify this the

Best Season to visit Kashmir

This season is the most awaited season in the whole year as the temperature remains moderate throughout the day and doesn&'t exceed the temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. The night temperature remains a little cold as compared to the day and by November the temperature drops by 10 degrees Celsius. This is the season when the greens turn to gold and then rust to red. The fruits ripe and the flowers fall. The beautiful Chinar trees add beauty to every place. The shutterbugs should not miss this season of Kashmir at any cost. This could be the best time to experience trekking, paragliding, enjoy a hot-air-balloon ride and Shikaara ride.
As December arrives, the season of winter starts in Kashmir. The season of snow. The whole valley gets covered in a white envelope of snow. Adventure junkies always prefer to visit in this season, for most of the games and activities are done on the snow and they prefer to visit in winter, as this is the last season of the year among the Four Seasons of Kashmir. The cities and the villages, the meadows and the mountains, the rivers, and the lakes, every place receive a good amount of snowfall. Gulmarg could be the best place to visit in winters, although each nook and corner of the valley receives a good amount of snow. This time is best for skiing, trekking, gondola cable car rides, and photoshoots.
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