:- Noor Jehan’s garden of retreat

The garden was made for the retreat of the beautiful Nur Jahan, this place is almost 8 km away from Anantnag. This place is notable for a natural spring that is surrounded by a beautiful and well-maintained garden.
The garden of


is one of the
Mughal gardens
of Kashmir which was made for Empress Nur Jahan. The garden is well manicured with beautiful trees of evergreen and Chinar and is considered as the

Best place to visit in kashmir

. The spring water gets divided into various water channels, throughout the garden. The garden is surrounded by hilltops. The spring rise at a few places from under a hill, from where the water gets distributed to the whole garden.
Achabal is a terraced garden likewise the other Mughal gardens at Srinagar. The walkways of the garden are lined with trees and rows of flowers. The garden was made with pools, cascades, and water channels. Later on, a Hammam was added to this garden at the top terrace that is known as Bag-i-Begum Abad. The giant Chinar trees around you will surprise you, for the breeze blowing through these trees soothes the mind of a person. 
There is a small base camp for the trek point, Nagdandi Ashram that starts from the base of the hilltops and the road goes through the forest.
The weather remains moderate in summer and the best time to visit here is from March-September. The cab booked under the package by
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would take you there with all the comforts and help you in experiencing much more. Make your

kashmir vacation

more enjoyable and memorable by visiting all the attractive destinations.
How to reach:-
The distance from the Srinagar International Airport to Achabal is 68 km and will take you 2 hours to reach by cab.
Traveling from Jammu, the distance will be 203 km and will take you almost 8 hours to reach.

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