Doodh Pathri

Doodh Pathri

:- The valley of milk

The valley of Kashmir is famous for the natural scenic views all over the world. There is no place like this on the whole planet. In the valley of saints, there is one place named

Doodh Pathri

, the valley of milk.
Behind the name of Doodh Pathri is a saint named Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani (r.a), who was searching for water in this valley to make ablution and pricked one place with his stick, from where the milk came out. He asked milk to become water as it can only be used for drinking and not for ablution. Since then the valley is known as the valley of milk.
At an altitude of 2730 m, lying in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, this beautiful and alpine valley is covered by the snow-clad mountains. The whole valley is covered by the tall Pines, Fir, and the Deodar. The meadows that are far away from the main valley are covered with snow. The landscapes got fully covered with wildflowers and little daisies.
The weather remains moderate throughout the summer and is the perfect time to visit here. In winters, this place receives a huge snowfall that makes the whole place look white and silvery, but is inaccessible during this time due to snow.
 The water gushing over the big stones adds more beauty to the place. The water remains cool as ice throughout the year. The locals from the adjacent areas bring the cattle here in summer for grazing and live here for the 6-month duration.
If you are planning a

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in the summers, then a visit to the valley of milk should be on the list. The place is accessible by Cab that you can book under the package from Duke Kashmir Travels. Visit Doodh Pathri from Duke Kashmir Travels, they provide the best
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I will personally suggest shutterbugs and vloggers, make their visit a must. This place provides a view of the best landscapes and the beautiful meadows. The water running through the streams will refresh you. The cool breeze blowing through the snow-clad mountains soothe the tired minds and souls.
How to reach:-
From the Srinagar International Airport, you will take 1 hour to reach by Cab that is almost a distance of 40 km.
If you are traveling from Jammu, the route is going to take you 9 hours and 30 minutes, which is almost a distance of 300 km.

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