; meadow of blossoms
There is a beautiful and majestic little town in Kashmir that is a treat to the eyes of nature lovers and adventure junkies, known as


. The view of swishing green lushes of the mountains is breathe taking for every nature lover. When it comes to the snow-capped huge mountains, the white and the golden shades of the sun make the whole view scenic and beautiful.
A popular hill-station and ski destination in the valley of Kashmir, Gulmarg. Situated in the western Himalayas and covering some part of the giant Pir-Panjal range. The snow-capped mountains, green lush meadows, and the little lakes around add more beauty to this majestic village og Gulmarg
 When the spring arrives in Gulmarg the wild blooms got the stalk and the attention of the visitors. The snow melts at the lowest meadows and they get their green lush back. The beautiful and tall pine trees add more glory to this place. Almost 45 varieties of flowers bloom every year to add beauty to the meadows and plains.
 The weather remains moderate during the summertime and gets it freezes in winters. The village receives heavy snowfall during the wintertime. It takes almost 4-5 months to melt.

Snow fall in Gulmarg

is the prime attraction for the visitors.
 Besides the Gondola cable car ride and the famous winter sports festival, numerous things caught the eye of the visitors. These activities have of course their grace in the wintertime and add glory to this place but there are other activities as well that you can enjoy to your fullest in the rest of the seasons.
 The golf course in Gulmarg is the largest golf place in the world. The green plains surrounded by the snow-capped mountains and lakes around make the golf courses look like heaven. The golfers wait for the whole harsh winter to get the golf plains back in their own shape.
 Gulmarg has everything that can give you an experience of a lifetime. About 6kms far away from here, a beautiful place lies in the lap of the Himalayas known as Khilanmarg. This place is a perfect blend of adventure sight and nature.

Gulmarg Gondola

is the main attraction to the travelers, by the means of which you can reach the upper peaks of Apharwat and Kongdori.
 There is a perfect picnic spot for the summertime, that is close to the Apharwat peaks. The two cool water streams flow through this peak and lastly emerge in the river Jhelum. This place could offer you picture-perfect views and will allow making the most beautiful memories of your life. The travel services booked with Duke Kashmir Travels will take you to this beautiful place safely and help you to reach back to your destiny with amazing memories.
 The biosphere reserve in Gulmarg is another attraction for visitors and as well as locals. Wildlife lovers can get the best flora and fauna to see, as there are many endangered species like Musk Deer, Black Bear, Hangul, Red Fox, and Leopard. The flora is blessed with many medicinal herbs.
 If you are planning a trip to Kashmir, this spring, then you must not miss this wonderful place. I will suggest you, spend at least 3-4 days here. Booking your package with Duke Kashmir Travels will make your trip more memorable with all the comforts of traveling,
hotels in Gulmarg
, meals, etc.
Gulmarg is the place where you can explore so many places, activities, and can do so much fun. There are so many
places to visit in gulmarg
, where you can reach by pony rides or Gondola Cable Car Ride.
How to reach:-
Once you arrive at the Srinagar International Airport, it will take you almost 1 hour 35 minutes to reach Gulmarg that is almost a distance of 56km.
If you are traveling via road from Jammu, then it is going to take 10 hours and 35 minutes that is almost 156km.

The whole village of Gulmarg offers you a splendid view of the snow-covered mountains, rocky hills, green lush woods, cool water streams, and clear lakes. The entire journey with the Duke Kashmir Travels will make your vacation a memorable one. 

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