:- The golden crown of Kashmir

The name of this place itself explains the reason behind it. The word, “


” is derived from the Kashmiri and the Sanskrit words “koker” and “nag” respectively, where the Koker means hen and the Nag means spring. The spring sprouts out from a dense and thick forest and gets divided into various streams and hence resembles with the claw of a hen.
The place has got its fame in the famous book of ruler Akbar, Ain-i-Akbar, in which he mentioned the greatness and the purity of the spring water of Kokernag. He mentioned that the spring water is so beneficial that it would remove the hunger and quench the thirst as well, for it has many benefits for the indigestion problem. 
This place is known as the Golden Crown of Kashmir, as it has deposits of fresh stream water, trout fish farms, and green and alluring gardens. The botanical garden of Kokernag are so beautiful that a person can’t help without giving their heart to this place.
The best time to visit here are the months of summer as the sky remains clear and the sun shines brightly throughout the day. This place receives huge snowfall during winters and is not accessible during that time. The

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The garden is surrounded the spring is very maintained and manicured. The evergreen plants and the colorful flowers are everywhere. The water streams flow through the garden and the breeze blowing adds charm to the place. The snow-clad mountains and dense forests around the garden is another attraction for the visitors.
This is a perfect place for a day tour and picnic for locals as well. This place provides picture-perfect views. The market of Kokernag has got the state’s first rural mart to promote the local business and local handicrafts.
How to reach:-
From the Srinagar International Airport, it will take you almost 2 hours and 20 minutes, that is almost a distance of 83 km.
Traveling from Jammu by road, this road trip is going to be of 7 hours and the distance recorded is almost 203 km.

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Kashmir, throughout the year, is worth visiting. Every season in Kashmir brings its delicacy and elegance to the valley. Visitors come and enjoy here throughout the year, for every season beautifies the valley in its charm.


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