:- the lake of aquatic birds

The valley of Kashmir has been bestowed with the treasure of beauty by nature itself. Some of the places are so under-rated that nature lovers don’t actually get to explore them. This beautiful lake is one of them. The lake has its natural beauty and doesn’t need any artificial manicure.
The actual name of this lake is derived from Lake Mansarovar, which is situated on the Tibetan Plateau. The


Lake got the title of, “Supreme Gem of Kashmir Lakes”. The place is of great significance for the view of bird watching, as this place is the home for the varieties of aquatic birds. It is considered as the

deepest lake in Kashmir

The lake is over-viewed by a very beautiful Mughal Garden named the Jaroka Bagh, which was made by the Mughal Empress Nur Jahan. The lotus grown on the surface of the lake adds more beauty to it. Moreover, the rootstocks of the lotus stem is another attraction for the visitors as well as locals. The lotus-stem is usually harvested and then marketed all over the valley, as it adds a different taste to the cuisine of Kashmir.
The lake is surrounded by the huge mountains of Baladar on the east and Ahtung hills on its south side. The land near the lake is used for the vegetation of orchards like apple and mulberry. Chinar trees are also present in the Mughal garden of Jaroka.
Shikara ride
rs are also found here. This is another attraction for the visitors. Besides Shikara boats some artificial swan-boats are for the amusement of the children. Water skiing is the prime attraction for the tourists in summer in Manasbal lake.
The weather remains clear during the summers and is the best time to visit here. A short visit in winters is worth praise. The cab booked under the package of
Kashmir Holiday Packages
from Duke Kashmir Travels will take you comfortably there.
This place could be used as a site for camping, for this place is covered by the hilltops and mountains all around. The beautiful landscapes near the lake witness the camping tents and the campers during the summers. The place is totally safe from the wild animals though.
At a distance of almost 23 km, another place for nature lovers is situated at the top named Sindh View park. An amazing natural beauty, although the park is totally manicured but is surrounded by huge mountain tops. The breeze blowing there totally refreshes your mind and body. I call that place picture-perfect for the shutterbugs.
How to reach:-
From the Srinagar International Airport, this route will take you 1 hour and 10 minutes that is almost a distance of 35 km.
While traveling from Jammu, to reach Manasbal lake the distance will be 293 km and will take you 7 hours and 50 minutes.

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