Mughal road

Mughal road

is a link-road of 84 km long between Buflaiz and the Shopian district. This road starts from Buflaiz, a town in the Poonch district, and ends in Shopian. This road passes through the mountain ranges of Pir Panjal. It is situated at an altitude of 11,500 meters. This road provided a way to Lahore in ancient times from where the Mughal rulers used to travel.
Nowadays this road joins the Poonch and Rajouri with the summer capital Srinagar. The project for the making of the new road was actually proposed in the 1950s but unfortunately, it always got delayed, and then in 1979, Sheikh Abdullah decided to take up this project. The actual construction got started in 2005 which took almost 3 years to get completed and then finally this road was opened to the public in 2010.
A special event is held here annually which is of the car rally, in which hundreds participate every year.

Mughal road

is on the bucket list of every travel junkie, for it provides picture-perfect views and the surrounding of this place is so alluring and charming. 
The road starts at Shopian then passes through Heerpora, Dubjan, Zaznar, Aliabad,

Peer ki Gali

, Chattapani, Poshana, Chandimarg, Behram Galla, and finally Buflaiz. In ancient times Mughal emperors used this road to travel, as the beauty of this pass thronged the hearts of the royal rulers.
The main attraction of this road is Peer ki Gali which is situated at an elevation of 1140 feet above sea level. Peer ki Gali is the prime attraction for visitors. Many people prefer to have an
excursion at Peer ki Gali
, as a day tour. This place falls almost in between Bulfaiz and Shopian. It is 43 km far from Bulfaiz; Poonch, and 41 km away from Shopian. This place is known as the crown of the Mughal road. Pir marg is surrounded by beautiful and tall mountain peaks that remain covered with snow throughout the year.
Not only Peer ki Gali but the adjoining areas like Heerapur, Dongi Marg, and Aliabad Saria are other places of attraction on this road. From the Poonch side, Chatta Pani is the latest tourist destination, where locals usually arrange day excursions in order to enjoy quality time.
Aliabad Sarai is another historic fort that is located a few km away from Peer ki Gali. This fort was first built by Ali Mardan Khan, an Iranian engineer. Later more Mughal emperors renovated this fort according to their taste. This fort is pure art and witness to the ancient architecture of the Mughals.
To touch the untouched virgin and raw nature is the dream of every traveler. There is almost a stretched distance of 5 km which is perfect for snow-skiing and other winter sports. If you trek some km from Peer ki Gali, your eyes will witness the beautiful and serene view of the seven lakes that are present in between the mountains. These lakes are also known as Nandansar.
The beauty of this place is untouched by the harsh construction and pollution of the city. Although this place has not got any hotels, restaurants, and lodges, the locals here are so helpful and are always ready to help out the visitors with open hearts.
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There are so many places in Kashmir, that are really worth visiting and where visitors and travelers visit. But most of the destinations are booked with hotels, lodges, and restaurants. The constructions made these places somehow less natural, for there is every single facility available. But for those who are looking for raw and pure natural beauty and views, this place is totally perfect. Visitors who visit here can do trekking, hiking, skiing, winter camping, and mountaineering. This place is perfect for the shooting vlogs and capturing amazing pictures. A trip to Mughal road with Duke Kashmir Travels is going to be the best road trip ever which you would cherish forever.
Although this a link-road, but the beauty that surrounds this place is so alluring and mesmerizing. There could be no road in the world that would be so peaceful and cool to travel. If you visit this place, this is going to be the best road trip ever.If you are planning to visit Kashmir, your tour package of Kashmir with Duke Kashmir Travels should include this road trip, for this place is worth visiting.

Kashmir is perfect place for all seasons

, it only depends on the choice of the visitor in which season he/she wants to explore the valley. 
How to reach:-

From the main city of Srinagar, it will take you almost 2 hours and 35 minutes to reach here.

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