:- The base camp for trekking to the Mount Harmukh

Famous for the beautiful scenic views, green meadows, and mountain views, it is adored by thousands of visitors and lovers of nature. This place lies at the left bank of the

Wangath River

, a major tributary of River Sindh. The


excursion is considered wild when it comes to

trekking and camping

This place is famous for the Hindu pilgrimage site in the Gandarbal area, well known for the ancient and Hindu religious site. The scenic sites of this place have not left this place only for Hindus but the people of all religions come here to explore this alluring place.
The main attraction of this place is the Naranag Temple ruins. The temple holds a very important significance to the visitors. The whole place consists of a group of small temples facing each other. The people of the Hindu religion come here with great faith, although some traces of the temple has been left for now.
The main attraction to this place after the temple ruins are the different trekking points around the mountains. A normal hike can take you at least 3-4 days. There are also many other peaks around this village. This place is perfect for those who love wilderness other than the simple garden beauty. Naranag acts as a base camp for the trekkers who want to climb up to the mount Harmukh.
You can witness
Naranag at its best
during winters when the snow cover the whole valley and the mountaineers get ready to explore the snow-clad valleys.
The trekking point starting from this village ends in the valley of Sonamarg. The trek will be full of the mountain walking and require pure physical fitness. This trek is going to take you at least 1 whole week. But a simple visit to this place will take a half-day. The cab booked under the package from
Duke Kashmir Travels
will make your visit to this place more comfortable and memorable one.
In winters, this place gets famous for skiing as there are many high mountain peaks. They get the huge snowfall and make this place perfect for skiing. The adventure junkies can make their best time here in winters as well.
The weather remains moderate during the summers and receives heavy snowfall during winters.
How to reach:-
From the Srinagar International Airport, a distance of 63 km almost will take you 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach there.
If trekking from the valley of Sonamarg, the route will take you almost a week to reach here, as it is the conclusion point.

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