The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir,


is one of the most ancient cities with a lot of beautiful places to visit and more to explore for travel junkies. The famous Mughal gardens and of course the beautiful heritages take the breath away of a visitor.  Food in the city has its beauty in taste and aroma.
The weather in Jammu and Kashmir,


remains calm throughout the year. In the harsh summer months of May, June, and July you will feel the most refreshed because of the beautiful weather in Srinagar.
There are so many places to visit in Srinagar. Getting started with the most amazing beautiful

Mughal Gardens Of Kashmir

that include the Nishat bagh, Shalimar garden, Chashmashahi, Badaamwari, and Pari Mahal which is located at the top of the Zabarwaan Mountains provides you the best view of the Botanical garden and Tulip Garden from the top. I would personally suggest you, visit Pari Mahal and Chashmashahi in the evening time when the sun goes down and golden lights get blended with the blue skies and cool breeze through mountains soothes your mind and soul.
 If you are planning to visit Kashmir Valley in the summers Chashmashahi is one of the Mughal gardens you should not miss, it is known for fresh spring water which flows down in 3 parts: the aqueduct, waterfall, and the fountain.
 The shady Chinar trees in Nishat bagh will soothe your mind. With the inexpensive package of the Duke Kashmir Travels you are going to enjoy every moment and make your trip special whether it is with your spouse or with your family.
Old city in Srinagar
is another prime attraction for the travelers, who love to roam on the unknown paths and discover new cultures, tastes, and memories.
 Another attraction from this place is the famous
Dal lake
, which is known for its beautiful Shikaras and houseboats. Nigeen Lake on the other side of Dal Lake ia another prime attraction for the tourists who love a peaceful nature.When you set yourself for a Shikara ride, make sure it should be the time of dusk so that you can enjoy the view of the sunset and cool breeze of Dal Lake can refresh you and at the same time that Shikara can take you to the Char Chinar.
 If you are an early riser and you visit Dal lake a little before dawn you will be able to witness the amazing floating markets of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.
Although the floating market remains open for the whole day as you can shop various things from that place. The travel services provided by Duke Kashmir Travels can take you comfortably there.
Religious places in Srinagar have a special place in the hearts of pilgrims. Besides the natural beauty, the city has some incredible religious places which are liked by a majority in the country. Religious places including the holy Shankar Acharayya Temple, the Jama Masjid, Khanqah-i-Moula, the Hazratbal Shrine are all heart-melting places to visit.
Srinagar is becoming a hub of street food nowadays. If you are a foodie, then food is going to have your heart and you will end up loving all the amazing dishes and beverages of Kashmir Valley. Some amazing foods that you can taste here are :-
1.       Wazwaan
2.       Kehwa
3.       Modur pulaav
4.       Nadir ti gaadi
5.       Haakh
6.       Bakirkhaani
7.       Kashmiri naan
8.       Goagji aar
9.       Harrisa
10.   Nadir monji
11.   Noon chai
12.   Kehwa
And much more.
Kashmir tour can give the best moments to cherish. It can make you meet the best people not by their faces only but by their hearts as well. You can experience the best hospitality and the best food provided by the package from Duke Kashmir Travels.
How to Reach
By Air: You can land in Srinagar by regular domestic and international flights from Leh, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Mumbai, or any other part of the world.

By Road: You can travel by road through the Jammu-Srinagar highway  

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Kashmir, throughout the year, is worth visiting. Every season in Kashmir brings its delicacy and elegance to the valley. Visitors come and enjoy here throughout the year, for every season beautifies the valley in its charm.


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