This small dwelling place, perfect for camping and hiking provides the view of the beautiful meadows and the small but clear water bodies. This place is perfect for those who prefer the wilderness over the manicured gardens.
At a distance of 47 km from Srinagar, a little valley surrounded by beautiful and tall pine trees. Nature has bestowed this place with great flora and fauna. Among the flora, pines and conifers are the trees that add beauty to this place. Other than the big trees, medicinal herbs can also be found here. Nilnag lake in


is the prime attraction for the trekkers, as they make their way through the alpine woods of Yousmarg. Locals of this place have witnessed wolves, cats, bears, and many other wild animals.
This another alluring sight in

Jammu and Kashmir

had caught the eye of the visitors when it comes to the beautiful landscapes and the snowy peaks. The valley is covered with the snow-clad mountains and the graceful trees of the pines and fir.
Nilnag lake in Yousmarg is another attraction to this place. The crystal clear water of the lake and the picturesque around the lake make it a must-visit place.  
The climate here remains moderate in the summertime. But drops down during winters. Visitors can enjoy their best time in summers as well as in winters.
The valley provides picture-perfect views for the shutterbugs. The visitors can make their
Kashmir trip
best with huge snow-clad mountains, the great fir, and pine trees, the clear water bodies, and the best weather conditions. The
travel services provided by Duke Kashmir Travels
would take you comfortably there and make your trip the most memorable one. 
Almost at a distance of 10 km from Yousmarg, the trek road leads you to a small frozen lake in Sang-e-Safed valley, which is usually covered by snow even in summers. Other tourist activities that can be done here are horse riding, fishing, photography, and camping. 
Some years before the government took the initiatives to build some artificial dams which add more beauty to this place.
How to reach:-
From the Srinagar International Airport, it will take you almost an hour to reach Yousmarg. That is probably a distance of 47 km.
Traveling from Jammu will take you almost 8-9 hours to reach here, which is almost a distance of 270 km.
The meadows of Jesus, Yousmarg are going to melt your heart with their eternal beauty. This could be the most wonderful place for nature lovers and shutterbugs.

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