Martand Sun Temple

Martand Sun Temple

The ruins of

Martand Sun Temple

are in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. Martand Sun Temple is believed to be built during 725-756 CE. This temple was dedicated to Surya.
It was built on the top of the plateau from where the scene of the whole valley can be over-looked. The prime shrine is situated in the main area of the place. followed by many of the small temples this big Surya temple is one of the most important temples witnessing the rich architecture of the Nagara style.
Although the infrastructure of the temple was based on the blended architecture of Gandharan, Chinese, Greek, and Roman style of architecture. The entrance to this temple is highly reflective of the deities worshipped inside.
On returning from Pahalgam, you must visit here as the site provides picture-perfect views. The elegance and the culturally rich place provide relaxing therapy to the soul and mind. Kids can play in the garden of the temple. You can visit this place throughout the year. The cab booked under the package by
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can take you there while returning from Pahalgam.
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How to reach:-
From the Srinagar international airport, this route will take you almost 1 hour and 15 minutes, almost at a distance of 63 km.
On returning from Pahalgam, it will take you 43 minutes from the main market of Pahalgam to reach Martand Sun Temple.
If traveling from Jammu, this road trip will take you almost 6 hours and 50 minutes, which is a distance of 221 km.

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