is situated 10 km north of Srinagar. The wetland comprises a lake and marshy area. Hokersar is a designated bird sanctuary. The wetland of Hokersar is the largest bird reserve in the state. On the east side, the reserve is fed by Doodhganga and on the west side, it is fed by Sukhnag.
The water level remains stilt in winters but with the ongoing spring, the water from the snow-clad mountains began to melt and the water level increases.
The wetland of Hokersar provides a home for the migratory birds of Central Asia and Siberia including geese, cranes, shorebirds, and ducks. The wetland of Hokersar witnesses over 500,000 waterbirds every year.
Northern pintail, Mallard, Gadwall, Eurasian wigeon, and Common teal are some waterfowls that are found here in winters.
The Hokersar faces threat for some water birds to get extinct because of human activities. In winters the department of wildlife protection allows the hunting of waterfowl and harvesting of reeds in summers. Fishing is done throughout the year but under certain conditions.
This place is blessed with water reserves and is a special home for migratory birds.
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