Kheer Bawani Temple

Kheer Bawani Temple


Kheer Bawani Temple

is situated at the Tulla Mulla area near Srinagar. The temple is made upon a sacred spring. The whole Kheer Bawani Temple activities run around this spring only. There is also an idol of the goddess. This temple was built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in 1912. Later on, the temple was renovated by Maharaja Hari Singh.
The Kheer Bawani Temple had a great religious significance among Kashmiri Hindus. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess Maharagnya Bhagwati also known as Kheer Bawani. The temple is constructed over a spring. Around the temple, there are smooth and colored stones covering the whole temple. There are huge Chinar trees under which people take a rest and sleep in the shade. The holy spring changes its color to blue, black, pink, red, and orange. The black color of the spring water is believed to be inauspicious.
In the month of May, a special religious occasion is held. People gather here on the 8th day of the full moon and observe fasts. The devotees of the temple believe that when the color of the spring changes, that is the prediction of some auspicious event in the valley.
The temple authorities organize yagnas and fairs during Navratri and special religious festivals. Havans are commonly performed on daily basis by local pandits. If you want to visit this temple, booking your

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How to reach:-
From the Srinagar international airport, it will take you almost 1 hour and 10 minutes, which is a distance of 34.3 km.
If traveling from Jammu, this route will take you 8 hours and 40 minutes, which is a distance of 291 km.

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